Judge Roy Moore and Foundation for Moral Law Attorneys Successfully Defend Christians for Praying in the Name of Jesus During Hindu Prayer in the U.S. Senate

September 11, 2007

Foundation for Moral Law attorneys were in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia today defending the Pavkovic family (above, with Judge Moore). Judge Roy Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law defended Ante and Katherine Pavkovic and their daughter, Christan, on the criminal charges brought against them for praying in the name of Jesus in the U.S. Senate as the July 12, 2007 Senate session opened with a prayer to a Hindu god.

On that day, Rajan Zed, who was invited by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, stepped to the microphone and prayed to a Hindu god. When not one Senator objected, despite the fact of our Nation's long history of praying to Almighty God, the Pavkovics prayed aloud for God to have mercy on our nation and proclaimed Jesus Christ as the only way for our sins to be forgiven. All three were arrested by Capitol Police and charged with a criminal offense of “disrupting Congress” which carries a possible sentence of incarceration of six months.

The Foundation was prepared today to go forward with the defense of the Pavkovics and to defend this Nation's Christian heritage, particularly the fine tradition of Christian--not Hindu--prayers in Congress. Attorney Ben DuPré obtained an agreement for complete dismissal of all charges and the Pavkovics were vindicated for their heroic and valiant actions for defending this Nation's long history of Christian prayers.

Judge Roy Moore said, “It's a shame that not one U.S. Senator stood up to defend a tradition that goes back to the very first Continental Congress of acknowledging the one true God of the Holy Scriptures. It's time our Country turned back to the God of our forefathers. Ante, Katherine, and Christan have demonstrated the bravery of the great Christian patriots that founded this Country as one nation under God.”

We believe that God honors those who honor Him and thank Him for this great victory.

The Foundation for Moral Law represented the Pavkovics at no charge. Any donations to assist in paying the costs of the Pavkovic family's case may be sent to the Foundation at the following address:

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Contributions may also be made by phone, (334) 262-1245, or by visiting the Foundation's website at www.morallaw.org.

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