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Sep 7, 2006 3 Comments ›› Greg Jones

Judge Moore’s new column: Navy chaplains and prayer

Chaplain KlingenschmittJudge’s Moore’s WorldNetDaily column (http://www NULL.worldnetdaily NULL.com/news/article NULL.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51844) this week focuses on the plight of Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt (right), who is facing a special court-martial starting next Wednesday on a charge that he disobeyed an order of his commanding officer regarding the Chaplain wearing his uniform at a press conference on March 30, 2006. Judge Moore was at that press conference and has been subpoenaed to testify on Chaplain Klingenschmitt’s behalf. The Foundation (http://www NULL.morallaw NULL.org/) has aided in the preparation of Chaplain Klingenschmitt’s defense and a portion of its staff will be present along with Judge Moore at the court-martial.

The column explains what is truly at stake in Chaplain Klingenschmitt’s skirmish with the Navy: removal of the recognition of God from the military and the emasculation of public prayer by forbidding prayer in Jesus’ name. As Judge Moore explains, “The truth is that while Chaplain Klingenschmitt may have run afoul of a ‘politically correct’ military command, his actions do not violate either the First Amendment to the United States Constitution or the specific law (10 U.S.C. § 6031 (http://caselaw NULL.lp NULL.findlaw NULL.com/scripts/ts_search NULL.pl?title=10&sec=6031)) designed to protect his right to pray.” Judge Moore calls upon President Bush to intervene and protect military chaplains’ right to pray in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Navy Chaplain convicted at special court-martial at Firm Foundation (http://morallaw NULL.org/blog/?p=44) says:

    [...] (For background on the Chaplain’s plight, see our earlier post here and Judge Moore’s column here.) [...]

  2. Patrick Greene says:

    I am a United States citizen, and a veteran with an honorable discharge. I find what Lt. Klingenschmitt did was conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman. And, I will personally see to it as my duty as an American citizen to contact the Court Martial officers, and the Chaplains supervisor, and congratulation all of them for spending my taxpayer money in the right Constitutional manner.
    Judge Moore is a lawbreaker, and is anti-American, and the Court Martial judges and the newspapers will know about it from me.
    I also intend to have part of Section 6031 of Title 10, thrown out, for insulting the Constitution of the U.S., because it acknowledges the existence of God. No part of the United States Code should do that. This is not a religious code. It is a secular code.
    If anyone wishes to discuss this with me, my e-mail address is:
    peewee_91762@yahoo.com (peewee_91762 null@null yahoo NULL.com)

  3. Dr. Shoggoth says:

    this fellow had it coming. By wearing his uniform to a political event and praying there he presented himself as a reresentative of the Navy. this isn’t about the right to prayer, it’s about the Navy keeping politically neutral and dealing with crazies and those who violate reasonable orders.

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