How doth Obama love abortion? Let us count the ways.

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Apr 9, 2009 6 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

How doth Obama love abortion? Let us count the ways.

Despite some rhetoric that pro-abortion Barack Obama wants to “to achieve the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies (http://www NULL.whitehouse,” his actions since his election have been speaking much louder than his empty words.  If you are having trouble keeping up with how much Obama loves abortion, then (http://www NULL.lifenews has compiled a list so that you may count the ways.

(http://www NULL.lifenews is an invaluable resource for daily pro-life news, both in America and around the world—and with the Obama Administration the site has certainly been busy.  As of this week the number of pro-abortion decisions by President Obama stands at 26 (and counting).

Here are Obama’s decisions just within the past month that have directly or indirectly supported abortion or anti-life policies:

March 9, 2009 – President Barack Obama signed an executive order forcing taxpayer funding (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) of embryonic stem cell research.

March 10, 2009 – Obama announces the creation of a new foreign policy position to focus on women’s issues. He names Melanne Verveer (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html), an abortion advocate, to occupy the post.

March 10, 2009 – Reverses an executive order (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) to press for more research into ways of obtaining embryonic stem cells without harming human life. The order Obama scrapped would have promoted new forms of stem cell research.

March 11, 2009 – Obama signed an executive order establishing a new agency within his administration known as the White House Council on Women and Girls. Obama’s director of public liaison at the White House, Tina Tchen (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html), an abortion advocate, became director of it.

March 11, 2009 – Obama administration promotes (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) an unlimited right to abortion at a United Nations meeting.

March 11, 2009 – Obama administration officials deny (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) negative effects of abortion at United Nation’s meeting.

March 17, 2009 – President Barack Obama makes his first judicial appointment and names pro-abortion federal Judge David Hamilton (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) to serve on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

March 26 – President Obama announced $50 million for the UNFPA (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html), the UN population agency that has been criticized for promoting abortion and working closely with Chinese population control officials who use forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations.

April 7 – The Vatican has rejected three Obama ambassador nominees (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html) because of their positions in favor of abortions.

Click the link below to see the entire list at  And sign up for their daily email while you’re at it.

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation (http://www NULL.lifenews NULL.html).

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  1. SharkGirl (http://facingthesharks says:

    It just sounds like population control to me. However, I don’t believe we can just blame Obama. How many presidents since Roe vs. Wade did it take to get us to where we are today?

    We have become a world that calls good evil and evil good.

  2. Yonah says:

    No, it isn’t population control. It’s common sense.

    It reminds me so much of Alcohol Prohibition in the United States. Do you remember that? The idiots and liars behind that great plan told us that abolishing alcohol consumption would make this country wonderful and eliminate the demand for liquor. They couldn’t have been more wrong. As with alcohol, making abortion illegal would lead to more problems than it potentially solves.

    Don’t like abortion? Then work to create strong alternatives. Affordable and easily available birth control. Properly funded education programs. A streamlined and improved adoption system that makes it easy to find children new homes. Increased assistance for low income mothers. The real reasons behind abortion? Economic. Has been since the dawn of time.

    You will NEVER eliminate abortion. Period. You need to ask yourself how long you are willing to bang you head up against the wall before the pain teaches you that what you want isn’t working. Even worse, what you want will make problems worse.

  3. Mich says:

    Strong alternatives? There are alternatives. Birth control, go to the various medical clinics that specifically provide services to low income families. Some offer free or reduced price birth control or other contraceptives. It’s not all up to the educators to teach our children right from wrong. I am happy to see the abstinence campaigns, maybe if more of that message got out through parents/guardians we wouldn’t have as many unplanned pregnancies. Speaking from experience of waiting till I was married, it works. I agree, the adoption system is flawed. However, without donations or more tax payer dollars it will lack the funding needed to improve. There is so much assistance for low income mothers. Food stamps will feed a family. Medicare/Medicaid is available. Blaming the economy is an excuse. For the majority of the people seeking abortions, no one twisted their arm to have sex. Notice I said majority, not all before you argue about that. If people/kids are going to make adult decisions like having sex, they need to be prepared to become an adult when the consequences of their actions come to light.

    Maybe if the government doesn’t provide a way out for people, we might have a nation full of responsible citizens, not a nation full of people who make mistakes and then call themselves a victim when they’re faced with the consequences. Abortion is murder no matter how you try to rationalize and make excuses as to why you think it is right. Mentally, these women are not the same after an abortion. There are many studies that outline the negative effects of abortion on the women. These are human beings being sucked out and they have feelings. The babies, not embryos, feel what is happening to them and it is torture for them. These are babies. The most innocent and weakest of our society and our government kills them because someone else made a mistake, not them. You don’t kill the innocent and weakest, you protect them.

  4. Kai Collins (http://www NULL.interactivewhiteboards says:

    i usually stick to natural birth control methods because i am a christian, natural birth control has no side effects too.’;`

  5. Caitlin Baker (http://www NULL.digitalcapacitor says:

    Women Issues these days are mostly about women empowerment and equal rights among men.`~~

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