Church, State, and First Amendment Seminar, November 3

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Church, State, and First Amendment Seminar, November 3

In addition to litigation and legal briefs (http://www NULL.morallaw NULL.html), the Foundation for Moral Law works to educate the American people and public officials about the First Amendment and America’s Christian heritage.  We have held seminars for pastors in the past and this year we launched a new Continuing Legal Education seminar specifically for lawyers: “Church, State, and the First Amendment (http://www NULL.morallaw,%20State,%20and%201st%20Amend NULL.,%20Georgia%20Nov NULL.htm).”  Judge Roy Moore, Col. John Eidsmoe, and other speakers at this seminar discuss issues that include the following:

  • First Amendment History and Jurisprudence
  • The Power of the Pulpit in American History
  • IRS Restrictions on Churches & 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • Modern Moral Issues in Judicial Opinions
  • Ethical Concerns When Advising Churches

Many lawyers have an interest in First Amendment jurisprudence and America’s Christian history, but they often lack the time or expertise to adequately address these important matters.  So we are bringing this information to them.

The next scheduled seminar is coming up on November 3, 2009, in Powder Springs, Georgia. The early-bird registration ends October 23, so if you or any lawyers you know want to sign up, do so soon.  Click here (http://www NULL.morallaw,%20State,%20and%201st%20Amend NULL.,%20Georgia%20Nov NULL.htm) for more information or to register for Church, State, and the First Amendment CLE seminar.

Please contact us at (334) 262-1245 if you would like Judge Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law to bring this seminar to your state.

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  1. James E. Reeves says:

    I was fired by AIG (American General Life) in May of 2003 for bringing a copy of the “Bill Of Rights” to work. I was making an open objection to forced arbitration as my civic duty to preserve the rights under the conscience doctrine.
    Every judge, lawyer, and public official have agreed with me in principle but none have been willing to risk their livelyhood (commerce) to stand with me.

    What Government Reigns

    How many powers forever rule this life I call my own?
    This life must have direction too but boundaries make it groan.
    Mothers and dads assume such roles, as do some teachers too!
    Ministers, grandparents, and other kin may help us to get through.
    But the powers we think of ruling today may not be named as dear,
    Local sheriffs, and magistrates decide on laws that’s clear.
    The state and federal governments use men we send from here,
    To make the rules we do not have to govern more sincere.
    All people now and people past have had pass down to them,
    Some law, of rules or standards to punish and condemn.
    The life that comes to Jesus surrenders his own rule.
    Jesus sits on His throne and we kneel at His footstool.
    Jesus healed and said to many, “Go and sin no more.
    Love God and others as yourself, this is the only door,
    No rules or condemnation will ever take my place,
    All dominion of life belongs to me concerning the human race.”
    Some Muslims declare their rule is death to the American and the Jew.
    Jesus conquered death, hell, and the grave, to bring His life to you.

    By- James E Reeves

  2. Edward M. McCartney says:

    Dear souls,

    Thanks for your service.

    If I may, I would express my opinion of the two (2) religious clauses of the first (1st) amendment of America’s constitution.

    Based on some history that I read, my opinion of the meaning of the establishment clause is the following. The congress shall not legislate to favour any denomination of Christianity more than any other Christian sect.

    My opinion of the free exercise clause is that it means the following. The congress shall not make any law to stop the unrestricted practise of Christianity.

    For some examples, my opinion is that those clauses mean that the congress shall not legislatively prefer the Presbyterians more than the Methodists regarding taxation. And if a legislature would make laws based on the scriptures, they of course may.

    If those clauses don’t mean that, we have the option of making a theonomic American constitutional amendment.

    We may also put the King James Bible into the public schools for the children to read without sectarian comments. The ten (10) commandments may be put in every public school room. And nondenominational Christian prayers in Jesus’ name may be prayed.


    Nov. 3, 2009

  3. James E. Reeves says:

    Mr. McCartney,
    Thank you for your correct opinion about the constitution’s original intent. To preserve the republic we the people must be active in engaging our leaders until they submit to the rule of law intended by the founders.

    James E. Reeves

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