The Obamas’ “Non-Religious” Christmas

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Dec 9, 2009 1 Comment ›› Ben DuPré

The Obamas’ “Non-Religious” Christmas

President Obama may be playing Santa Claus with our tax dollars, but he’s being a Grinch when it comes to Christmas.  Obama claims to be a Christian, but according to his “social secretary” he is planning a “non-religious Christmas (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1).” What does such a Christmas celebration look like?  According to Eric Metaxas (http://www NULL.foxnews,

[I]t’s just like a “non-religious” Yom Kippur celebration, or a “non-Irish” St. Patrick’s Day celebration, or an “international” July 4th celebration.

All kidding aside, the Obamas are doing their best to bring the so-called “War on Christmas” into the White House.

First, it is not exactly shocking, is it, that this White House would drop the Bible verse from the Christmas card, a practice favored by George and Laura Bush? But it is disappointing that they would drop “Christmas” from it altogether.  This year’s White House “Christmas” card sports a bland “Season’s Greetings (http://www NULL.chicagotribune,0,3862453 NULL.story)” on the outside and this on the inside: “May your family have a joyous holiday season and a new year blessed with hope and happiness.” Nice, but sticking with that “non-religious” theme closely.



Second, the White House social secretary, Desirée Rogers, announced at a luncheon (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1) earlier this year that the Obamas might not display the traditional nativity scene (left) in the White House this year, in an effort to make this season “Obama-tized.”  Audible gasps were heard in that audience, which may explain why the White House later relented from this position of having “no room in the inn” for the crèche that has been displayed during the Christmas season in the East Room since 1967.

This year, Obama has made it abundantly clear just how progressive (read: liberal, socialist, Marxist) he and his agenda really is.  But it’s a shame that even Christmas in “The People’s House” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not safe from Obama’s “change.”  It cannot be due to an animosity toward religion in general: in August, Obama embraced and celebrated Ramadan (http://www NULL.whitehouse, an exclusively Muslim holiday. Even if Christmas were still celebrated across the land as a distinctly Christian holiday (which, alas, it is not), it is nevertheless a part of American culture.  The same can hardly be said for Ramadan or any other Muslim holiday.

It is a sad turn of events when we must hope Christmas is given as much recognition as Ramadan in the White House. Metaxas also adds,

If President Obama wanted to fuel the fears of every serious Christian in America and actually prove that he is every bad thing they’ve ever heard about him on every crazy Web site, the idea of symbolically taking Jesus out of the White House at Christmas would be just the ticket!

While Obama remakes America in his Obamatized image, he should leave the traditions and the Christ of Christmas in their rightful places.   Obama may be picking up his Nobel Peace Prize this week in Oslo, but it is the Prince of Peace born in Bethlehem that we celebrate during this time of the year.  There is still room in the White House for Him, isn’t there?

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  1. James E. Reeves says:

    Eric should have mentioned all the Jews in this White-washed out-house that may help bring Obama’s previous pastor’s statement of damnation on America to pass.
    The language used in the pulpit most often influences the actions of some and the ideas of many.
    Is Pastor Wright correct in his last statement “Those Jews won’t let me in to see Obama”?
    Is everyone that names and claims Jesus as Lord antisemitic? Why did Larry Summers change from his Jewish name Solomon?
    Is there a connection to some of the people on this White house staff and the public textbook changes from A.D.(anno Domini) in dating history?
    What is spoken in pulpits across America is of concern but the actions taken by listeners may be deemed as treason.
    I was taught some basic principles of self-determination in a segregated school in Dora, Alabama in 1965. 1. Honor God(Jesus-Lord) 2. Honor family(Mother & Father) 3. Honor Country (The United States) 4. Always tell the truth (don’t lie) 5. Work (Do something legal to make money) 6. Live within your means (Don’t write bad checks) 7. Invest in others (be a giver)

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