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Jun 11, 2010 1 Comment ›› Ben DuPré

Aborted Clinic: Beacon Women’s Center Closed Down!

“Our Montgomery location has recently closed.”

So reads the website (http://summitcenters NULL.com/summit-beacon/index NULL.htm)for Beacon Women’s Center, one of two abortion clinics in Montgomery, Ala.  We are thrilled to report that, as of this week, this 27-year-old abortion mill has been shut down for multiple and repeated violations of the health code.

Ever since the Alabama Dept. of Public Health decided in 2006 to start enforcing the health code and annually inspect Alabama’s abortion clinics, one after another of the death mills have been either closed or placed on probation.  Beacon was placed on probation in 2006 primarily for, as I wrote then, “a multitude of violations that show the staff at that clinic either do not know or do not care about basic medical record-keeping, sanitary requirements, or narcotics prescription requirements.”  (See this post for details.)  It looks like things at Beacon have only been downhill since and, as a result of their most recent inspections, Summit Medical has agreed in a consent decree signed June 8 to surrender their license and close their bloody doors.

If the name Summit rings a bell, it’s because it was at another Summit clinic in Birmingham—Summit Medical Center—that a 6-pound dead baby was born to a woman given abortion drugs by a nurse.  The public outrage at such a horrible episode led to that Summit clinic’s closure as well as the re-institution of the ADPH’s annual inspections of abortion clinics.  That was in 2006.

Now with the closure of Beacon in 2010, the infamous Summit clinics are now gone from Alabama. In fact, as if to demonstrate that it’s the almighty dollar and not women’s health that Summit seeks, Montgomery residents are being referred by Summit’s website and phone answering service to their Atlanta office rather than the other abortion clinic in Montgomery.  Summit is telling people to take the “short 2.5 hour drive” (that’s one-way) to Atlanta rather than go across town.  Whatever keeps the money coming, apparently.  Athough why any woman would want to darken the deadly doors of any Summit clinic is beyond me.

The fact is that most woman seeking an abortion probably have no idea, and most probably do not care, about just how derelict a particular abortion clinic may be in its legal, medical, and regulatory duties.  The pro-abortionists, after all, have continued to trumpet “safe, legal, and rare” abortions, even when what they really want is the legal part; “safe” and “rare” are good for public consumption but bad for any business of death. But it is the ADPH’s job to care how safe they are being done and to act, and we commend them for taking action here to finally close one of the worst offenders—even if a little too late for our liking.

Sunlight is a great disinfectant and we hope ADPH keeps up the inspections that, around the state, continue to reveal just how dark and dirty abortion clinics can be.

Keep reading if you want to arm yourself with some of the details of Beacon’s transgressions.  It will help you communicate the inherent health dangers to a woman considering an abortion and perhaps show you what to look for at your local death mill.

The most recent ADPH deficiency report on Beacon—and the last one, thank God—is a 68-page whopper that confirms what an unsanitary and unlawful chop-shop it really was.  The report  includes everything from failure to report suspected sex abuse of minors to failure to obtain proper legal consent to failure to comply with many requirements of the Women’s Right to Know Act (http://law NULL.justia NULL.com/alabama/codes/19865/154160 NULL.html) (offering information for informed consent, ultrasounds, etc.). One employee admitted she’d never shown any patient the video they are supposed to offer. Beacon’s recovery room chairs were torn with protruded foam and their sanitary practices were incredibly sloppy. They were understaffed and their records of nearly everything were shoddy, incomplete, or simply missing. From check-in to recovery and follow-up, Beacon staff and management flagrantly violated the health code and criminal law—even right in front of ADPH inspectors—in their single-minded drive to make a buck and destroy a baby.

If you have the time, I urge you to read through the entire report to see the depth and breadth of Beacon’s disdain for law, limb, and health.  Here are some lowlights:

  • No clinic policy handbook. Beacon was repeatedly asked for its policies and procedures on numerous visits by ADPH, but none was ever produced. (p.8)
  • Failure, and ignorant of duty, to report possible sex abuse. “There was no documentation the Center reported a 14 year old who was pregnant by a 16 year old. Employee Identifiers # 1 and # 2 were unable to locate policies and procedures for the Center and EI # 2 acknowledged she had no policy for when or to whom to report abuse or neglect of a minor. The Center had no policies for parental consent and mandatory reporting consistent with state law. EI # 7, the Medical Director and physician performing surgical abortions, was unsure of the required reporting requirements.” (p. 10-11)
  • Failure to offer ultrasounds. Beacon failed to offer an ultrasound to many patients, although they were instructed to initial the form to state that they had. (p. 12)
  • Failure to offer “Did You Know” video—ever. For example, “During an interview with EI# 2 on 1/27/10 at 3:10 PM, she verified she had not offered the patients the opportunity to view the video and she had been instructed to give only the books. EI# 2 stated she had never offered the video to patients.” (p. 13) Though never offered the video, patients were instructed to initial that they had.
  • Failure to abide by 24-hour waiting period. (p. 15)
  • Unsanitary recovery room. “[C]hairs in the recovery room were noted to be an infection control risk with foam showing on each chair.” (p. 39) “Of the three recovery room patients observed, the Center staff failed to clean medical equipment that came in direct contact with patients skin and wash their hands after direct patient contact per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.” (p. 50)
  • No medical waste pick-up. Since May of 2009, Beacon had no medical waste disposal service and was simply dumping such waste in its regular dumpster. (pp. 55-57)

There is much, much more, of course, most of it reflecting poor recordkeeping of follow-up calls and drug administration or waste. What strikes the careful reader is how the cavalier attitude toward the law and regulations is evident from the abortionist/medical director on down.  These many violations were hardly the failure of simply a low-level employee or two; it was systemic and literally evident to ADPH inspectors in the practice of the abortionist himself.  And if he was so careless in view of the ADPH, imagine what he was (and is) like with patients when no one is watching.

A woman going for an abortion should remember that she is not seeking health care—she is seeking death care, the death of her child. And as the abortionist and staff at Beacon so coldly demonstrated, a man or woman whose job is to destroy life is hardly going to be bothered with little annoyances like health regulations and criminal law.  No abortion clinic is ever a safe place for the child and, as we have seen, for the mother, too.

Until abortion is illegal and rare, agencies like ADPH must have the “teeth” and, if necessary, the public pressure upon them to inspect clinics and enforce the health regulations in place.  As the last four years of inspections in Alabama have shown, holding abortion clinics accountable to basic medical standards is too high a standard for many of them to meet.  After all, the only “safe” abortion clinic is a closed one.

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