Life Chain Sunday on Oct. 3

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Oct 1, 2010 2 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Life Chain Sunday on Oct. 3

Life.  It is one of the “unalienable rights” of which we are endowed by our Creator. Moreover, “to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men.” But what the Signers of the Declaration of Independence took as a “self-evident” truth—the God-given right to life—is hardly evident in many dark corners and clinics of our country today. And this “life” our government is instituted to protect is instead destroyed with the endorsement, support, and even financial sponsorship by the highest levels of our national leadership and laws.

When the taking of unborn life is no longer prosecuted because a judicial decree has deemed it a constitutional right, what shall the righteous do? Until such time as the laws can be corrected to extend justice to the preborn, we must plead with the mothers considering such a devastating choice and remind our society often that the bloodshed continues.

(http://life-support Sunday, October 3, is LIFE CHAIN SUNDAY, a perfect opportunity to promote life and encourage our fellow Americans to protect the weakest among us. Life Chain is an annual prayer event that involves prayerfully standing for one hour to 1.5 hours along busy streets of your city or town with a simple pro-life sign. You may never argue in the Supreme Court or draft a pro-life bill, but you can be a silent, visible witness for life. All former unborn children are welcome!

Visit the Life Chain website here (http://www NULL.lifechain to see where in your city your local Life Chain gathering(s) will be.

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  1. R.G. Miller (http://www NULL.floridacrackercsa NULL.blogspot says:

    I appreciated the chance to stand beside you in protest of the murders of children. Keep up the good work!

    Deo Vindice


  2. Vern (http://ten-commandments says:

    Being is a Life Chain is a lot of fun. Meet new people and react as people honk their horn. If you missed it this year, plan on coming next year,it really is a fun event for the whole family. But most important of all is the witness to your community that abortions are morally wrong. As a thousand cars go by during a typical life chain, there most likely was a teen age girl facing an abortion, or may be facing one in the future. Someone needed to tell her that abortions are murder and simply wrong.
    That someone was you standing at the Life Chain.
    Read more at: (http://ten-commandments NULL.html)

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