Judge Roy Moore & Foundation Defend Memorial Cross in Supreme Court Brief

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Mar 9, 2012 3 Comments ›› Site Administrator Mount_soledad

Judge Roy Moore & Foundation Defend Memorial Cross in Supreme Court Brief

The Foundation for Moral Law, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending religious liberty and the public acknowledgment of God, filed an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court on Friday, March 9, 2012, asking the Court to hear a case involving a memorial cross on Mt. Soledad (http://www NULL.soledadmemorial NULL.com/) near San Diego, California.

Read the Foundation’s Mt. Soledad Memorial Assoc. v. Trunk brief here. (http://morallaw NULL.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/MtSoledadvTrunk_FMLamicus_3 NULL.9 NULL.12 NULL.pdf)

Erected in 1913, the Mt. Soledad cross has been the subject of recent litigation by groups and  individuals who say its presence is an establishment of religion in violation of the First Amendment.  A federal district court ruled that the monument is constitutional, but that decision was reversed by the liberal Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, President of the Foundation for Moral Law, noted:

“This case shows the intention of many courts, and especially the 9th Circuit, to deprive us of any reminder of God or religion in the public square, even a memorial cross to recognize those who have given their blood and lives for the Constitution and our religious liberty.”

The Foundation argues in its brief that the placement of a cross on a mountain does not constitute a “law” establishing religion, and further that the cross memorializes veterans who have died in America’s wars.  The Foundation argues that recent decisions of the federal courts show hostility toward religion, and that this is the very opposite of the Founders’ intent.

The Foundation for Moral Law (http://www NULL.morallaw NULL.org/), (http://www NULL.morallaw NULL.org/) a national non-profit legal organization, is located in Montgomery, Alabama, and is dedicated to restoring the knowledge of God in law and government through litigation and education relating to moral issues and religious liberty cases.

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  1. Kathy says:

    We need to stand up for our religious freedoms, if we are silent, they will be taken from us…Thank you Judge Moore for your stand!

  2. sandi hubert folsom says:

    Everyone in the world knows who you are,as they know who Jesus is—you stand as tall as any cross that I will ever see——-and as bright,as the brightest star in the night————praises to you—–you win, no matter the outcome —–you win

  3. Phil Kuhn (http://mygardencross NULL.com) says:

    Jesus’ cross is the ultimate memorial first cross. Thank you Judge Moore. The cross will not be defeated. It was the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind to saves us of from our sins. It will give us victory over death and everlasting life. It shall prevail. Thank you Lord for our freedom. Stand up for Jesus!!!!

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