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The Foundation for Life — Overrule Roe v. Wade!

Jan 26, 2014 No Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

After four decades of studying, lecturing, debating and writing on this subject, I am prepared to say that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision by which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the duly-enacted laws of nearly all of the 50 states and mandated abortion on demand as a national policy, is wrong. It is ...

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Lutherans for Life on HHS: “Here We Stand!”

Feb 20, 2012 1 Comment ›› John Eidsmoe

Last Saturday 18 Feb 2012, during our Lutherans for Life Board of Directors meeting at Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO, the Executive Director asked me to prepare a statement concerning the recent Health & Human Services directive requiring religious organizations to provide contraception for their employees. I drafted the statement, and with a ...

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Life Chain Sunday on Oct. 3

Oct 1, 2010 2 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Life.  It is one of the "unalienable rights" of which we are endowed by our Creator. Moreover, "to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men." But what the Signers of the Declaration of Independence took as a "self-evident" truth---the God-given right to life---is hardly evident in many dark corners and clinics of our country ...

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Aborted Clinic: Beacon Women’s Center Closed Down!

Jun 11, 2010 1 Comment ›› Ben DuPré

“Our Montgomery location has recently closed.” So reads the website for Beacon Women’s Center, one of two abortion clinics in Montgomery, Ala.  We are thrilled to report that, as of this week, this 27-year-old abortion mill has been shut down for multiple and repeated violations of the health code. Ever since the Alabama Dept. ...

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Obama Pro-Abortion Litmus Test for Nominee? No (And Yes)

Apr 21, 2010 3 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

One of the popular metaphors used during the fight over judicial nominations to the Supreme Court is a "litmus test"---that is, whether the President will demand certain ideological commitments of his nominees before he would consider nominating them. President Obama today denied that he would use a litmus test on the issue of so-called "abortion ...

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Congressman Bart Stupak — Pro-life Hero?

Mar 22, 2010 2 Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) may have emerged as a pro-life hero for some, but not in my book. Were it not for Rep. Stupak, the entire bill probably would have been defeated last fall. After his amendment prohibiting abortion funding was added to the health care bill last fall, with his support the bill passed the ...

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Prenatal testing: kill off diseased babies for a healthier population

Feb 17, 2010 4 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

An Associated Press report released today starts off with great news: Some of mankind's most devastating inherited diseases appear to be declining, and a few have nearly disappeared . . . . But the rest of the sentence contains the disturbing reason: "because more people are using genetic testing to decide whether to have children." Thus begins ...

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It’s Probation for Law-Breaking Birmingham Planned Parenthood

Feb 10, 2010 2 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

The Birmingham Planned Parenthood that was caught covering up an allegation of statutory rape last year has been put on probationary status by the Alabama Department of Public Health. As you may recall, last year a pro-life group called Live Action sent into the Birmingham Planned Parenthood clinic two undercover actors, one of whom posed as ...

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Tebow tackles mom but not abortion

Feb 8, 2010 3 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

The much anticipated/maligned Tim and Pam Tebow advertisement was revealed last night during Super Bowl XLIV.  It was even more unassuming than any pro-life or "pro-choice" activist could have expected. Watch it here if you have not yet seen it: Other than a reference to "so many times when I almost lost him," Pam Tebow never explains ...

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Opponents of Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad Should Make Their Own

Feb 3, 2010 3 Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Hell hath no fury like pro-abortionists faced with the truth. Pro-aborts like the National Organization for Women are throwing public tantrums over CBS's decision to run an ad featuring Univ. of Florida quarterback and evangelical Christian Tim Tebow and his mom Pam during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Pam tells how, when she became ill in ...

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