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Flunking federalism 101

Oct 31, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

For the last several years there has been an obsessive focus on national solutions to a variety of social problems.  People assume that any problem that exists throughout the country must be cured by the federal government.  But this assumption ignores the design of the Constitution, as Judge Moore explains in his latest column concerning ...

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Congratulations to our own Greg Jones!

May 11, 2007 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Many congratulations are in order for Foundation for Moral Law attorney and Firm Foundation blogger extraordinaire Greg Jones!  He and his lovely bride Suzanne Smitherman will be tying the knot tomorrow (May 12) before God, family, and friends.  Greg has discovered the joy and truth of Proverbs 18:22: He who finds a wife finds what is good ...

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All animals are equal . . . (or why same-sex “marriage” is not a civil right)

Jan 24, 2007 3 Comments ›› Greg Jones

A famous saying from George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm proclaims that, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  The oxymoronic statement was meant as a satire of Stalin’s reign in Russia, a commentary on the true results of the grand communist experiment.  Equality is a concept often talked about but much ...

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I solemnly swear . . . but I really don’t

Jan 15, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Government leaders in Madison, Wisconsin provide the latest example of liberal legal insanity.  Last fall, 59% of the voters in Wisconsin approved a state constitutional amendment that bans same-sex “marriage.”  The oath of office for all public officials in Wisconsin naturally requires them to support the state and federal constitutions—including that amendment.  This does not ...

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The Massachusetts high court gets it right, but only after getting it very wrong

Jan 10, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Judge Moore's latest column discusses the circus in Massachusetts concerning the citizen initiative that would ban same-sex "marriage" in that state.  Instead of focusing on the dereliction of duty by the legislature when it initially declined to vote on the initiative, Judge Moore takes the opportunity to teach readers about the principle of the separation ...

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Judge Moore’s latest column: Same-sex marriage

Nov 1, 2006 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Judge Moore’s latest column highlights the activist decision about same-sex marriage that the New Jersey Supreme Court issued last week (see the blog’s discussion here) and discusses how it and government actions will lead to further moral decline in America. Judge Moore warns that, Such decisions undermine the will of the people and open the ...

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Judicial insanity, same-sex “marriage,” and the N.J. Supreme Court

Oct 27, 2006 1 Comment ›› Greg Jones

This week the New Jersey Supreme Court released one of the most atrocious judicial decisions ever to be labeled a ruling on the law. In simple terms, the result of the liberal Court’s ruling in Lewis v. Harris is that the New Jersey Legislature must confer benefits upon same-sex couples that are equal to ...

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Wilkinson wanders: A federal judge mangles the marriage issue

Sep 8, 2006 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Not long ago 4th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III was rumored to be on President Bush’s short list of nominees to the United States Supreme Court. We have since learned that the President was aiming for judges younger than Wilkinson, but no conservative uttered a harsh word about him ...

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