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In the Aftermath of a Landmark (?) Decision

Jun 28, 2012 No Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

ON THE EVE OF A LANDMARK DECISION John Eidsmoe, Colonel (AL), Alabama State Defense Force  [Note: This article is written in two parts, Part One the day before the health care decision, and Part Two in the hours thereafter.] During the March 27th oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care legislation, ...

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Lutherans for Life on HHS: “Here We Stand!”

Feb 20, 2012 1 Comment ›› John Eidsmoe

Last Saturday 18 Feb 2012, during our Lutherans for Life Board of Directors meeting at Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO, the Executive Director asked me to prepare a statement concerning the recent Health & Human Services directive requiring religious organizations to provide contraception for their employees. I drafted the statement, and with a ...

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So May We Pay Our Taxes in Pesos?

Apr 7, 2010 1 Comment ›› John Eidsmoe

On my way to the office this morning, I stopped by the local office of the Internal Revenue Service to pick up some forms.   But when I asked for a copy of Publication 17, the comprehensive set of forms and instructions,  I was told that Pub 17 is out of stock. But they have it in ...

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“Would Jesus Really Say That?”

Dec 18, 2009 3 Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

Whenever something worthwhile circulates on the internet, about a dozen people will take it upon themselves to send me a copy. One recent submission is titled "Letter from Jesus about Christmas." The writer suggests that if Jesus were to write a letter to us about Christmas, He would urge us to redirect our priorities. ...

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A Veterans Day Salute

Nov 9, 2009 2 Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

The brutal murder of 12 servicemen and one civilian, coupled with the wounding of more than 20 others, by an American major with apparent ties to Islamic terrorism, is proof that the Islamic jihad against the West is far from over. There are allegations that the Administration knew of Major Hasan's terrorist convictions and ...

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Judging by Law or Feelings?

Jun 11, 2009 1 Comment ›› John Eidsmoe

Should judges base their decisions on an impartial evaluation of the law as applied to the facts? Or should they judge based upon the criterion set forth by President Obama -- "empathy"? Do men and women, young and old, white and black, rich and poor, have different versions of law, truth, and justice? Even ...

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Response Re “War-like” Bible Passages.

Feb 18, 2009 No Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

Thanks for writing, Paul. I agree that the Bible is not a pacifist document;  it teaches a just warfare doctrine.  But I don't believe its central message is warlike. The Old Testament passages you cite are commands of God given directly to Israel for the conquest of Canaan, because God had given that land to Israel.   They ...

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Imprecation: Biblical? Christian?

Feb 10, 2009 No Comments ›› John Eidsmoe

Dr. Robert E. Fugate, an Omaha pastor who holds a Ph.D in Christian Intellectual Thought and a Master of Divinity, has written a fascinating book called BIBLICAL IMPRECATIONS: CHRISTIANS' SECRET WEAPON. Wait a minute! Imprecation? "Imprecate" is defined as "invoking a curse upon" someone or something. It brings to mind the picture of ...

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Celebrating instead of denigrating “Old Glory”

Jun 13, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Judge Moore's latest column discusses the meaning of Flag Day, which is tomorrow, and why Americans should celebrate it.  He points out that these days the flag "seems to make news only when it is desecrated, ridiculed or burned."  It was not always so: key events in our history, he reminds us, have been puctuated by memorable ...

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