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The Rule of Romney

Mar 7, 2007 1 Comment ›› Greg Jones

A common political tactic is to defend oneself by attacking others.  While this deflection of criticism without truly answering it may be politically expedient, whether it is honest or a proper Christian response is another matter.  For example, a blog post penned by the Alliance Defense Fund’s David French in defense of presidential candidate Mitt ...

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Judge Moore’s latest column: Principled Conservatism

Feb 7, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Judge Moore's latest column uses the occasion of the 96th birthday of the late Ronald Reagan as a jumping off point to discuss what it means to be a true conservative.  Many of the Republican Presidential candidates are claiming to be conservative but some of them miss the mark because they ignore or believe the ...

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Humanism goes in the (think) tank

Nov 17, 2006 1 Comment ›› Greg Jones

This week at the National Press Club a group of scientists and secularists announced the formation of a think tank—the Center for Inquiry Office of Public Policy-Transnational—that will promote the advancement of strict separation of church and state and what they call “rationalism” as the basis of public policy.  The organization is the brainchild of ...

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