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A tangled First Amendment web

Jun 25, 2008 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

On Monday, June 23, the Foundation for Moral Law filed an amicus curiae brief, along with the National Clergy Council and Faith and Action, in a religious monument case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Pleasant Grove City, Utah v. Summum.  The Court is considering whether the "freedom of speech" clause in the First Amendment requires Pleasant Grove City, ...

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A case that is more than the Summum of its parts

Apr 11, 2008 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

Occasionally a case comes along that starkly illustrates why Judge Moore started the Foundation for Moral Law when so many other Christian religious liberties organizations already existed.  We do not begrudge these organizations and are happy when their work results in the vindication of public expressions of faith.  However, the fact remains that these organizations ...

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Study shows “We the People” still favor religious freedom in the public square

Jan 16, 2008 1 Comment ›› Ben DuPré

The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State still have their work cut out for them---although it appears few Americans want them to keep at it.  While those secularist groups have been fairly successful at driving religion from our schools and many public places, the large majority of Americans still believe that prayers should be in schools ...

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Moving pictures

Oct 24, 2007 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Firm Foundation rarely mentions movies to either support or warn against, but two new movies warrant our attention---and yours.  It should hardly be surprising that we would encourage you to go see The Ten Commandments, a new computer animated feature-length film by Promenade Pictures that premiered nationwide on October 19.  Judge Roy Moore has lent his public support to ...

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Fargo Fight for the Ten Commandment

Jul 6, 2007 No Comments ›› Greg Jones

In a remarkable turnaround, the city commission of Fargo, North Dakota voted on Monday to keep a Ten Commandments monument on the City Hall mall less than a month after it had voted to remove the monument and donate it to a private organization.  The reversal was set in motion by a petition started by ...

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Claiming victory in surrender

Mar 28, 2007 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Let's say you have just read a news account of a city council that, under pressure from the ACLU, agreed to (1) drop official prayers from its meetings, (2) only have prayers before the start of the meetings, (3) given by members voluntarily, and (4) in their private capacity.  Would you consider that a win for the ACLU-types or a win for ...

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Judge Moore: “Feelings” should not be basis for law

Feb 14, 2007 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

On this Valentine's Day, a day where we love to express our feelings for that special someone, Judge Moore reminds us in his WorldNetDaily column that "feelings" are not a solid foundation for governing our legal system.  Lawsuits like the one the ACLU recently filed against Dixie County, Florida are too often based on the fact that a display of ...

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ACLU sues over Dixie County Decalogue

Feb 8, 2007 1 Comment ›› Ben DuPré

We knew the ACLU of Florida was having a tough time finding a plaintiff to sue Dixie County, Florida, for the Ten Commandments monument installed at the county courthouse, and we were hoping they would just give up if they did not find one. But since when has the law ever stopped the ACLU? Turns out ...

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Judge Moore’s column: Death penalty opponents wrong again

Jan 17, 2007 No Comments ›› Ben DuPré

Saddam Hussein's execution brought out the usual opposition to the death penalty, both foreign and domestic. Judge Moore's WorldNetDaily column this week addresses this hand-wringing over neck-wringing in Death penalty opponents wrong again. Opponents of the death penalty or capital punishment are not really distraught at how Saddam was executed; they don't think that his life should ...

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Dixie Decalogue stands tall, defies secular trend

Nov 29, 2006 2 Comments ›› Greg Jones

Residents in Dixie County, Florida have taken a strong stand for religious freedom in the public square by erecting a privately-financed six-ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments on the steps of the Dixie County Courthouse.  In January, county commissioners approved the placement of the $20,000 stone display, which has inscribed on its base the ...

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