Cross Examination of Chief Justice Moore by Attorney General Pryor

Q [Atty. Gen. Pryor:] And your understanding is that the Federal court ordered that you could not acknowledge God; isn't that right?

A [Chief Justice Moore:] Yes.

Q And if you resume your duties as Chief Justice after this proceeding, you will continue to acknowledge God as you have testified that you would today --

A That's right.

Q -- no matter what any other official says?

A Absolutely. Without -- let me clarify that. Without an acknowledgment of God, I cannot do my duties. I must acknowledge God. It says so in the Constitution of Alabama. It says so in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It says so in everything I have read. So --

Q The only point I am trying to clarify, Mr. Chief Justice, is not why, but only that, in fact, if you do resume your duties as Chief Justice, you will continue to do that without regard to what any other official says; isn't that right?

A Well, I'll do the same thing this Court did with starting of prayer; that's an acknowledgment of God. Now, we did the same say thing that justices do when they place their hand on the Bible and say, "So help me God." It's an acknowledgement of God. The Alabama Supreme Court opens with, "God save the State and this Honorable Court." It's an acknowledgment of God. In my opinions, which I have written many opinions, acknowledging God is the source -- a moral source of our law. I think you must.